Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Digital Martyrs Remix Beatrock - Free Album Download

Beatrock Music and Digital Martyrs proudly present Digital Martyrs Remix Beatrock, a free album available at

From Boom-Bap to Dubstep, using dusty samples to digital pulses, Digital Martyrs breathe new life into the songs of Bambu, Power Struggle, Rocky Rivera, Otayo Dubb, Kiwi and The CounterParts. Hear Beatrock Music like you’ve never heard before on this 16 track remix compilation which also features a few emcees from the Digital Martyrs/#Skynet camp. Mikial (#Skynet), Task1ne (#Skynet), and Digital Martyrs’ own Archetype all go in on this project to make it one of the most dynamic releases from Beatrock Music to date. Artwork by Mark Canto (


  1. Kill The Vultures Remix - Power Struggle
  2. MRSHMLO Remix - Rocky Rivera
  3. Correctly Done Again feat. Thurzday of U-N-I and Archetype of Digital Martyrs - Bambu
  4. Inspired By Dream Remix - Power Struggle
  5. Slow Down feat. Prometheus Brown of Blue Scholars Remix - Bambu
  6. What Goes Up Remix- Power Struggle
  7. Breaking Point Remix - The CounterParts
  8. What Works Remix feat. Mikial of #Skynet - Otayo Dubb
  9. Blood of My Heart Remix feat. Archetype of #Skynet - Power Struggle
  10. Wash It Away Remix - Power Struggle
  11. Sondalo Remix - Bambu
  12. Sunshine feat. Bambu and Pele Remix - Power Struggle
  13. ArtOfficialFreedom Remix - Power Struggle
  14. Rather Seen feat. Malcom & Martin Remix - Bambu
  15. Blind Remix feat. Archetype of Digital Martyrs and Task1ne of #Skynet- The CounterParts
  16. To No One In Particular Remix - Kiwi


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