Friday, July 3, 2009

Fuck You Michael Bay...

...for ruining my favorite show. It's like he tried eveything in his power to shit on all that is great about Transformers.

Not only was Transformers 2 ridiculously bad, it was also hella racist! How does this fool get away with this shit!?

If he attempts to re-make Robotech, Voltron, or Thundercats, I might have go American Me on him!


  1. Ah, the Sambots I've heard so much about. "We don't really do much reading" Fuck! Are you serious? That's just horrible. It ranks up there with Jar Jar Binks.

    I haven't seen Transformers 2 and I definitely won't now. Thanks for the clip. I've heard Bay brush off criticism of the film by citing how much business the movie has done, as if box office sales justify everything.

    Not to mention, his movies are just plain awful to begin with. I can't even remember what the Decepticons in the first flick looked like. They all seemed to be abstract groupings of metal indistinguishable from each other - like what a Frank Gehry building might look like after a level 5 hurricane. The only way character design that shitty could make it into a major Hollywood blockbuster is if Bay personally insisted on them looking that way. No art director would have allowed that otherwise.

    I thought Jax from the first movie was already going over the line. These two are indefensible. Why even assign an ethnicity to a robot? It's like Bay went out of his way to insert a racist message. I hope this asshole doesn't get to make another Transformers movie. I can't imagine where he will go from here. Maybe a good ol' bus with a Southern accent that makes Tyrese sit in the back? Or better yet, a bucktoothed Honda Civic who starts every sentence with "Confucius say..."?

  2. For real man. Good seeing you at Beatrock homie.

  3. You too holmes. I'm thinking we ought to have a "Fuck Michael Bay" show at Beatrock next time. There's plenty of material to work with.

  4. that American Me shit was hilarious