Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Power Struggle - "Love is Contagious"

Happy Valentine’s Day,

On February 14, 2010 we released the “Blood of my Heart” downloadable single to give the listeners a preview of the album (Remittances) that Fatgums, Mr. Rey, and I had been working on for nearly a year. Strangely enough, “Blood of My Heart” was one of our most downloaded singles. And to this day I still get a lot of random shout-outs from people that claimed that that song had helped them process through their very own complicated relationships, partnerships, and love affairs.

As we move forward with our forthcoming EP, which is still untitled, we decided to give our audience another sneak preview of what’s to come… therefore we are proud to bring you the “Love is Contagious” single. With this piece we tried to capture the concept of love in its broadest form, and not relegate it to simply being about romantic or sexual love. As cultural workers rooted in progressive politics and ideology, Power Struggle wanted “love” to represent the struggles, sacrifices and unrelenting spirit of working-class people.

We have to give a special thanks to DJ ET for blessing us with this beat, which is his first production effort on Beatrock Music. ET is responsible for a large chunk of the production on the upcoming EP. We also want to thank Kayla and Claire DLR for lending us their beautiful voices on the chorus. Keep a lookout for visual artist/painter Mark Canto who painted the cover of this single, as well as the cover of the "Blood of My Heart" single. Lastly, big-ups to Fatgums for executively producing all our albums, probably one of the most principled dudes I’ve met in the music industry.

Hope y’all enjoy. Now go hug somebody….

-Nomi of Power Struggle

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