Monday, March 29, 2010

Got Kidney?

RasCue aka EBF of Various Blends has been a mentor and role model to both Gammaray and me since we started DJing back in the day. He's actually the first voice you hear on our debut mixtape
OHHSSH!!, which was basically the start of both of our careers in music. A couple years ago RasCue was diagnosed with chronic renal failure. Being the creative leader that he is, RasCue organized an organ donor awareness campaign called "Got Kidney?". The CounterParts (T-Know, BraelanB, Otayo Dubb, Gammaray, and I) were privileged enough to be a part of the campaign's first musical series. Please read about Got Kidney? below:

In December 2008, I was diagnosed Chronic Renal Failure(Kidney Disease). In March 2010, I decided to create "Got Kidney?", a foundation to support Organ Donor Awareness and assist Kidney Disease Patients around the country. The focus is to raise awareness amongst the youth and elderly, the affects of a bad diet, alcohol and drug use and the importance of exercise and stress release. Since I am in the music industry and have gotten so much support personally from Artists all over the world, I decided to start the exclusive "Got Kidney?" music series to give back to those making donations. The gift of music is something universal that all people and cultures can come together on, as well as helping someone else.This series will conceptually focus on good music and serious topics: Love, Change, Growth, Survival, Hope, Strength, Peace, Adversity, Inspiration and Life!! All Proceeds go towards myself and my efforts to support Organ Donor Awareness.
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