Monday, February 1, 2010

Rhythm Natives x Chicharon Adventures Video: The Day Off

The good folks at CA and fellow southern Cali hip-hoppers Rhythm Natives sent over a brand spankin' new video - The Day Off. Check it out y'all:

Video Description:

What happens when an LA brand and an LA band get together on their day off? Kim and Tricia of Chicharon Adventures, along with Jon, Matt, Glen, Boj, Chez, and Martin of the Rhythm Natives , spent last Sunday exploring Downtown L.A. with their good friend Alex Rapada behind the lens. Sporting sweatshirts from the CA Winter '09 line, they walked, skated and biked from Angel's Knoll Park to Little Tokyo.

Rhythm Natives & Chicharon Adventures Present: The Day Off... from Rhythm Natives on Vimeo.

VIMEO url link:

YOUTUBE url link:

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