Sunday, February 21, 2010

BAMBU ...PAPER CUTS... Track List & Notes

My last post was about the super clean packaging of ...paper cuts..., but when it really comes down to it, it's the music that matters, right?! Bambu, the guest emcees, and the producers all come HELLA correct on this! ...paper cuts... is one of those few albums where every single song is stand alone dope. Here's the track list and my 2 cents on each song (sorry if it's a little producer-centric):

1) PAPER THIN w/ Chace Infinite of Self Scientific (produced by Anon, cuts by Fatgums)
- Bambu and Chace Infinite really go in on this, speaking on gentrification and taking back their respective hoods. Anon's beat is super crazy. He must have sampled some type of Eastern European circus record or some shit! Somehow he made it sound super hard tho! I chose to cut up MC Lyte's vocals from her "Paper Thin" to pay homage and because it ended up fitting the theme perfectly.
1.5) THE LOOP (produced by Anon)
- You can really hear Anon's versatility as a producer having "The Loop" juxtaposed with "Paper Thin". The beat makes you feel like you're listening to a Da Beatminerz beat tape in one of those yellow sony walkmen while riding a train thru Bucktown circa 1993. The verse is on some classic Bam shit.

2) SLOW DOWN w/ Prometheus Brown of Blue Scholars (produced by MTK, cuts by Fatgums)
- I am a huge fan of Blue Scholars and the distinct sound they have crafted for themselves, but at the same time, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Geologic/Prometheus Brown flex new styles on "Oof". So, when I first listened to the beat MTK gave Bam (which is an anthemic double-time banger) and then found out that Geo was gonna be on it, I was super juiced to hear how Geo would deliver his verse. Geo straight tears it up in double-time like no one you've heard before. It's totally Geologic-esque, but in a way you've never heard him. I have a feeling this track will go down in history.

3) CORRECTLY DONE w/ Thurzday of U.N.I. (produced by Digital Martyrs, cuts by Fatgums)
- Digital Martyrs provide a true, classic feel-good beat for this one. Bambu and Thurzday's verses each capture the feeling of the beat and I tried my best to have the cuts do the same.

4) RATHER SEEN w/ Malcolm & Martin (produced by Nick James)
- Hella hard - beat, verses, everything. Nick James is a monster.

5) THE QUEEN IS DEAD (produced by Fatgums)
- Bam really made a beautiful song out of this beat. I am honored to have one of my beats on project of this caliber.

6) SONDALO (produced by 6Fingers)
- This is probably my favorite song on the record. 6Fingers is a true talent and has to be one of my favorite producers out today. This track is epic. I can't wait to hear the new shit he makes in his new LA surroundings.

7) OLD MAN RAPS (produced by Digital Martyrs)
- Digital Martyrs really have a knack for bringing out the emotion in their samples. The beat immediately puts you in a state of reflection, providing a perfect backdrop for Bam's narratives on past struggles, challenges, and victories.

8) SMOG CITY'S OWN w/ Diz Gibran (produced by Digital Martyrs)
- A new Los Angeles classic.

Congratulations to Bambu and all the producers on this record. I think we accomplished something special with ...paper cuts....

...paper cuts... drops Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 (THIS TUESDAY!) on Beatrock Music.

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