Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Song For Ourselves - Hawaii Premiere/Concert Recap

Long Beach, LA, Seattle and The Bay all showed up to rock Honolulu's Chinatown last week for Tadashi Nakamura's A Song For Ourselves Hawaii premiere. Big shouts to Honozooloo for documenting us "cultural activists" at Next Door! Double big shouts to Tad for putting Power Struggle on!

The evening started with a screening of A Song For Ourselves:
The film, as always, moved the crowd. It's a tear-jerker that leaves you crazy inspired. What more can you ask for from a movie! Here's the man of the hour himself, in 3-D:

Following the film was the show:

Nomi and me from Power Struggle led off the party rockin' (we'll get you there next time Mister Rey!). Check the Beatrock website soon for those super crispy Beatrock Music shirts.

Next, the crowd fell in love with your girl EyeAsage. Look out for her new Rocky Rivera album coming out soon (featuring production from your boy Fatgums!).

And finally, Bambu and DJ Phatrick rocked it like they always do:

The venue, the crowd, the film, and the performances were all fantastic, but the highlight of the night, hands down, was my family showing up! Even my 80+ year old auntie came out!

You can check out the rest of the photos at honozooloo.com

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