Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Great Adventures of V-Nice and Gums: Camotes Islands, The Philippines

During our short stay in the Philippines, Venise and I sure did hella much!

We made a Goonie-esque map of her family's home island:

We celebrated the murder of Ferdinand Magellan:

We found the sixth Horcrux in Bukilat Cave:

We drank the world's second best 40 oz liquor - Red Horse:

We witnessed the battle of the ages:

We made some new robot friends:

We heard this guy cry-squeel as he got his throat slit at 2:00 in the morning:

We read the writing on the wall:

We drank up with the men of the family

We parlayed with the women of the family

And last but definitely not least, we got engaged!!!


  1. congrats guys! let me know if you want engagement photos!

  2. that cockfight was amazing. congrats again my loved ones!