Thursday, July 16, 2009

The CounterParts Appetizer

DOWNLOAD - The CounterParts Appetizer

After a couple years in the making, The CounterParts' full-length debut album is finally reaching its final stages! Actually, this album has been more like a decade in the making. See, we all have been friends since I was in high school. The story of how we all came together is pretty complicated, but basically Gammaray (who has been my best friend/music patna since kindergarten) introduced me to these emcees who were killing the open mic circuit in San Francisco back in 1998. I remember being particularly amazed by this one Filipino rapper named Mygraine. I had never seen a dude freestyle like him before. Hella energy, wordplay, and rawness - more than anyone else in the Bay at the time. Mygraine took a hiatus from the rap game to raise a family and is now back full force as the CounterPart MC T-Know. I met BraelanB soon after meeting T-Know. Braelan was also a freestyle monster. What amazed me about him, and what continues to amaze me, is his insight, poeticism, and complex delivery. You've never heard a rapper like BraelanB before, I promise. Otayo Dubb was the last CounterPart I met. Tayo is a straight up musician through and through. I've never met someone with so much soul and natural musical ability. His talent is very apparent on his previous release entitled Royalty as a member of Co-Deez. I really can't wait until the world hears the music we have recorded over the last two years. Gammaray, T-Know, BraelanB, Otayo Dubb, and your boy Fatgums are about to bring it.

Here's a snippet:

Please download The Appetizer, which is an album sampler/mixtape of some of the stuff we've been making. Click below to download The Appetizer FOR FREE:

Some pictures of The CounterParts' music-makin' process:

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