Monday, June 1, 2009

Fatgums' Favorites: RECORD SHOP - Jelly's, Oahu

Aloha from my Grandma's house! I am awfully lucky to have family in Hawaii. I say this not only because I get to visit the most beautiful place on earth, but because I get to visit the most beautiful record store on earth as well. Jelly's, which has two locations on Oahu, is my favorite record store in the world, hands down. It's simply "da besshest braddah!"

Normally, it's considered sacrilegious for a record digger to tell other folks about their vinyl sanctuaries. I'm going to make an exception here because:
1) I only get to come here about every other year, and
2) We gotta keep places like Jelly's in business in these hard economic times! Us deejays and producers need to drop our "anti-blow-up-the-spot" attitude when it comes to these mom and pop record shops that we all love so dearly.

I can proudly say that the majority of ...A PEACEFUL RIOT... was born in the ridiculously hot outdoor fifty-cent section in front of Jelly's Honolulu (shown above). The sample for Gunslinger Iwas definitely one of the more unique finds from this section. It was on this comedy record, probably from the 1950's, that had a bunch of wise-ass-looking white dudes on the cover. Who knows why I even put it aside to listen to, but that's just the type of shit you do at Jelly's. See usually, especially in LA, I feel this weird pressure while record shopping. I always feel like I'm in someone's way or that I'm taking too long at the listening station. It's the worst when there aren't any listening stations and the only way to hear a record is to ask a clerk to play it. I can't tell you how many times these too-cool record snobs have made me feel like a hip hop amateur. How the hell am I supposed to know what's on every record in their shop - especially back when I was only like 15 years old! Jelly's is the opposite. Everyone is super nice, and there's always an open turntable.

So when in Hawaii, go to the beach, eat plate lunch, and visit Jelly's!

Jelly's Honolulu
670 Auahi Street (Entrance on Coral Street)
Honolulu, HI 96819
Phone: (808) 587-7001

Jelly's Aiea
Harbor Center Shopping Plaza
98-023 Hekaha St. Suite B1-9
Aiea, Hawaii 96701
Phone: (808) 484-4413

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