Tuesday, May 26, 2009

KEIKO TANAKA - The Other Musician In the Family

Whenever I come back to visit my family in Hawaii, I'm always super excited to hear how my Auntie Keiko's singing career is going. A couple of years back, She and I both released our debut albums. For me it was Novelists: Bookends, for her it was Keiko Tanaka: Sakura Saitara. It was hella fun taking our boxes of freshly printed CD's to Jelly's, Rainbow Books & Records, and all of the other Mom and Pop music stores scattered across Oahu. Nowadays, she is definitely doing the damn thing - performing in Japan, the Mainland, and throughout the Islands. So please check her out, my talented and beautiful auntie, KEIKO TANAKA:

AND, lookout for the FATGUMS X KEIKO TANAKA record coming soon!!!

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