Monday, April 27, 2009

...A PEACEFUL RIOT... Release Party Recap

The Fatgums X Bambu X Beatrock X The Park's Finest X Mr T Art Show extravaganza was a HUGE success!!! Thank you to everyone who came out and to all of those who were there in spirit.

Some highlights:
Eating deeeeeelicious BBQ from The Park's Finest:

Being able to share the turntables with some of my favorite DJ's (DJ Tanner, Gammaray, ET, Krissfader, and Phatrick):

Having the whole CounterParts crew together (T-Know, BraelanB, Otayo Dubb, Gammaray, Fatgums):

Watching the Jem Girls' dance party:

Learning that I am horrible at interviews (Sorry Tad! Thanks Eseel!):

Meeting and chopping it up with this dude named Chris Rafie who turns out to be a UCLA Med School applicant as well as a dope-ass photographer. Here are some of the pictures he took:
Seeing my brother walk in with seven OE 40's (and seeing Josie!):

Trading CD's with the homie Aidge from The Aesthetics Crew, just like old times on Bruinwalk:

Finally meeting the Great Alfie Numeric:

Seeing Mr. T like you ain't never seen him before:

Catching up with Nomi of Power Struggle and planning our Fatgums X Power Struggle record:

Feeling love and support from everyone that night and finding a new family in the folks at Beatrock:

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