Monday, December 15, 2008

Sights and Sounds at Beatrock

Big-ups to Dave and the folks at Beatrock for having us again. Look out for the next Sights and Sounds event coming soon. We see you Flow Ethics - y'all rocked it! ET, man that shit was fun, and K9, it was an honor to be on stage with you homie! Dude has to be one of the dopest beatboxes I've seen in my life! Here are some clips from the performance:

Our beat-jackin' intro (shhhh - don't tell Khalil):

K9 on some iller-than-Rahzel shit:

ET and T-Know performing our impromptu "Here We Go" track:

Guns of Wilmas sans Buck Taylor:

Universe with a drunken DJ:

Fatgums and ET on some college '02 scratch biz. Beat by the great DJ Gammaray:

And finally, T-Know's closer:

Big thanks to the homie Jimmy Murley for making CP shirts, and peace to Bambu for introducing us to the crowd!


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