Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fatgums' Favorites - Part 2

Action Figures: Blaster and Soundwave

I love these, love 'em!...and find myself obsessed with getting all of their little homie cassette tapes. Don't have them all yet, but I'm getting close!

According to T-Know, the creation of the character Blaster was inspired by a letter from a young b-boy in Wilmington, California. The boy wrote that the Autobots should have their own version of Soundwave, and that instead of a Walkman, it should be a Ghetto Blaster. So thanks to young Florentino, who grew up to be a pretty good rapper, my favorite action figure was created. Thanks T! I sure hope you get some royalties one day.

Did you know they make Soundwave MP3 players in Japan?! Those crazy, crazy Japanese...


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  1. ooh shit! soundwave mp3 player!!! how much do one of them cost?